Application Form
Forename:   Richard
Wazoski Name(s):   Treavon
Surname:  Reimer_Purba
Date of birth:18/07/1996
Place of birth:18/07/1996
Marital status: (Single)
Address:   Ganton
Phone Number:   Not have
Email Address: Not have
*List the educational institutes that you attended, and the qualifications that you were awarded: Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Teknologi
*Do you have a criminal record at all? If so, please explain in detail, including individual charges and arrests: Nope
*Have you ever been employed before, or are you still currently employed? Please give an individual listing of all places that you have worked. Please state the name of the companies, not just a job name, for example "mechanic" would be unsuitable. Teknologi
*Please write a summarized story of your life. It should be in acceptable English and should be at least 100 words long.((About 1 good paragraph, don't use Italic text.)) my name is Michael america living in angelpine and working as a farmer. i live alone both my parents have died and my sister lives in brazil to find job. I hope to be accepted in sannews in order to meet my life needs and visit brazil to meet my sister
*Why do you want to join the San Andreas Network and why should the company pick you over other applicants? Please write in acceptable English. It should be at least 100 words long. ((About 1 good paragraph, don't use Italic text.)) Because I want to give news to my sister through the internassional tv that I am here good and I want to help the citizens of los santos to communicate and make ads easily*Please write an article from scratch. Do not supply an article that you have written in the past. If we find that an article is present in any newspaper, you will be disqualified. The article must be at least 3 paragraphs, with a minimum of 150 words per paragraph. Do not put more than two photos.((Don't use italic text.)): There have been incidents of forest fires in the United States. The result is not yet known but can be concluded as a result of humans who are camping around the forest and forget to turn off the campfire. Its fire is burning and creeping.Untuk all citizens of america not to be careless in doing anything that
I, <Richard_Wazoski
>, accept that by signing here, I give the San Andreas Network full permission to request a criminal record check on me. I will obey the orders of my superiors, and I will not complain if I do something wrong and receive a warning. I accept that while under Internship, I may be dismissed at any time without a reason being provided. With filling this form, the applicant already understand the rules, if the applicant are found breaking the rules, the applicant will be removed from the SANEWS team and blacklisted without any warning.[/divbox]

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